PUBG MOBILE is a very fast growing smartphone Game. Ranked at no 4th (as on 27 Dec, 2018) on free games section on Google Play Store and on iOS ranked at 1st on Apple App Store.

PUBG MOBILE is available on every device from Android, iOS to PC and from Xbox, Play Station to Nintendo Switch. Giving a hard competition to Epic Games Fortnite. Fortnite is available on some specific Android devices but PUBG also has its lite version making it accessible to French fries to Pizza or Burger.

If you are Professional Gamer or a noob you should follow some tactics and strategies to get fed with a delicious Chicken dinner.

Here are some tips to dive on PUBG MOBILE like a Pro :

Let’s get started with beginning from jump:

While jumping if you are a noob jump far where others don’t wanna come and you get enough loot to survive till the end.

PUBG MOBILE is a survival game so don’t go for kills earlier.

To go far enough just look up on the sky as you can and move the movement control up.

To go fast look downwards and move the movement control to upwards.

Check the distance where you wanna go from mini map then go for this trick if it is near 600 metres otherwise you will land earlier.

Go for loot:

Be quick and easy search for enough loot from that you can survive till the end. First search for guns then go for vest and helmet then search for some medicines then go for extension of guns like Scope, compensator, extended Mag, And enough ammo.

Upgrade as soon as you can. Loot the enemies after killing they must have something which you want.

Get on the battlefield:

After getting enough loot you can jump into the war and get some kills.

Use Shotgun for shortest distance, use Sniper for far distance and use machine guns for quick combat.

Don’t forget the position like peek and fire with taking a cover and lean and sitting position.

Use Different position on different situations like-

Lean if you are on the last circle or there are few enemies are left and Don’t stand on last circle that enemies can spot you.

Peek and fire while taking cover which can help you get less damage by enemies.

Go for a Head shot first then go for other-

Killing headshot will increase the chance to kill the enemy easier and faster then go for other options.

Use Different weapons –

  • Keep atleast 2 grenades for killing enemies if they are in a cover.
  • Keep 1 stun grenade to flash a white screen on the enemies so you get some time and distract the enemy and kill them.
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Suresh thakur · 27th December 2018 at 4:56 pm

I like your blog it gives a complete step by step guide to master PUBG MOBILE. Keep writing great blogs. Thank you.
Suresh Thakur

    Sunny Singh · 28th December 2018 at 12:32 pm

    Thank you Suresh! We like to know that you appreciate our work and We promise you that we will be continuing the work by putting all efforts to make our visitors happy and clear their doubts.

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